Thank you for your interest in presenting at afikra! 

All of our presentations are community driven and that’s what makes afikra special. We can’t wait to learn what makes your curious and have you teach us something about it.

As you think about your subjects, here are a couple things to remember.

The afikra subjects should be:

  • Related to Arab history and culture
  • Deep enough to occupy 30-45 minutes
  • Fun for you to research and talk about: people will feed off how curious you are.

The afikra subjects should NOT be:

  • A platform for self-promotion; so stay clear of showing off your own personal work or plugging your product. Many of us are passionate about our work but we’d rather keep that outside this forum. Besides, this is about asking fresh questions!
  • A political forum; so while its important to to place topics in historical context, please avoid promoting opinions or proselytizing.
  • A competition to out-arab each other; its perfectly fine not to know something, and to just let our curiosity lead the way.

If you have any questions, feel free to email