Urban Development in Modern Day Mecca


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Talk by Jawaher Sudairy





Transformations and Implications of Religious Tourism Planning in Mecca


Date: 4/12/2015
Originally presented in NYC
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The city of Makkah, a symbol for Islam and the destination for Muslims all over the world, receives over 9 million pilgrims each year, 3 million of which arrive in the city at once for the annual Hajj. The persistent flow of pilgrims into the city has placed pressure on the government to expand Makkah’s infrastructure capacity. It has also attracted major private developments to the city’s core, including retail malls, serviced apartments and commercial high-rises. Such emphasis on tourism planning and development has had significant implications on Makkah’s residents, many of whom have been displaced by recent developments. This presentation examine the impact of Makkah’s trajectory of development on the city’s physical and social landscape.

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