Who are the Sursocks?


Talk by Nour Tabet




Who are the Sursocks?


Date: 10/6/2016
Originally presented in DC
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Growing up in the suburbs of Beirut, the Sursock street was a landmark that was referenced in daily conversations. “After the Sursock street make a left.” “Meet me at the bar, it is right under the Sursock Street.” The word “Sursock” also reflected a high status, like: who do you think you are, a Sursock? This presentation explores the question: Who are the Sursocks and how is it that a family that is important enough to have an entire fancy street named after them, now rents out one of their houses for weddings and bougie events? It walks through this history of this family since the 1800s, their global affiliations and their business and architectural endeavors throughout the Ottoman era.

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