The mission of afikra is to cultivate curiosity around Arab history and culture and create a global community committed to sharing intellectual thought on those topics.


We host monthly salon-style events where two members teach us about a topic that has fueled their curiosity. Presentations are 45 minutes and can be structured however the presenter chooses. We started in Brooklyn in 2014 and are starting chapters in Montreal & Washington, DC this year.


Upcoming Events

We have events every four to six weeks in the following cities: New York City, Montreal, & Washington DC. You can stay up-to-date by joining our mailing list or joining our Facebook group. Click the link below to see information on upcoming events.
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If you are interested in presenting at an upcoming afikra event, complete our short application. You don’t have to be famous or an expert (this is not a TED talk). All you have to do is be curious and willing to explore something new.
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Past Talks

If you are new to afikra and want to understand what we are all about, check out some of the topics that have been explored already. The breadth of questions has been incredible.
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